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Ø      Complete Turnkey Medical Billing Services

Ø      Support a variety of Medical provider Clients

Ø      Provide Physician and/or Facility Claims Filing

Ø      Certified Coders to insure Coding Accuracy

Ø      All current Code Books utilized and updated annually

Ø      Electronic claims/Electronic Patient Billing whenever feasible

Ø      Timely and Accurate processing of claims

Ø      Follow up on insurance billing to ensure timely receipt of payments 

Ø      Respond to insurance company requests for information in a prompt and professional manner

Ø      Resubmit insurance claims within 72 hours of receipt

Ø      Appeal denied claims

Ø      Third Party Collection agency utilized as necessary

Ø      Monthly, Weekly Reports available upon request or on a routine basis

Ø      Complete confidentiality and security in regards to patient account status, customer files and records as well as financial affairs of clinic/practice

Ø      Credentialing and contracting to all area hospitals and insurance companies as needed


Electronic and Paper Claims Filing 

We process electronically for all carriers that currently accept electronic submission. For providers that do not accept electronic submission we submit claims via paper.

Secondary Carrier Billing 

We will automatically process secondary carrier claims upon receipt of the primary carrier.

Maintain Accurate and Up to Date Accounts Receivables 

Once we have received a copy of the EOB or verification of a patients payment, we will immediately post the payments to the patients account.

Insurance Follow up and Appeals 

One of the most difficult tasks in the medical office for the billing department is dealing with insurance denials. Unfortunately many claims are denied for a variety of reasons and if not handled properly no payment will ever be made on that service. Most offices are extremely busy and it can be difficult to find the time to take care of these problems. If your office does not have the time and resources to take care of these denials, your receivables will greatly suffer.

Denials can range from no coverage to treatment notes needed. Each individual denial needs to be looked into to determine how you will get paid for that date of service. Many times it will take only a phone call to fix the problem, but that phone call can take as long as 45 minutes to accomplish the preferred outcome. Some denials will entail the resubmission of the claim. An incorrect diagnosis code is an example of this. Some denials will result in billing the patient for the service but it may still take a 30 minute phone call to be sure that you are doing the right thing.

The secret to handling denials effectively is to act as soon as possible on the denial. Many denials have a time frame that must be adhered to. Then, you need a good system in place for dealing with the denial. When a claim is denied find what works best for that problem and use the same method each time you get that denial. Find the most effective solution to each denial and use that solution as soon as you receive the denial.

We will follow up via telephone (or letter if necessary) on all claims that have gone unpaid beyond 30 days. If an unpaid or underpaid claim requires an appeal we will process all of the required paperwork and handle all necessary follow up.

Patient Statements and Soft Collections 

This service includes processing and mailing all patient statements. We also provide soft collections consisting of letters and telephone calls if necessary.

Detailed Reports 

We will provide reports with details on all billing transactions on a Weekly, Biweekly, or Monthly schedule. We can also customize reports to your needs.

Collections On Unpaid Claims

Even if you are not looking to outsource you maybe looking for someone to research that drawer full of unpaid claims.If you would like to continue processing your billing in house, we will still follow up on your unpaid claims. If you have a billing system in place that is working but you just do not have time to work on old claims, we will help you get current with your unpaid claims. Don't let the insurance companies hold onto your money.This service is provided on an as-needed basis.

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