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Ashil Medical Billing Services

(817) 455-4574

Welcome to Ashil !

We are a full service medical billing practice specializing in electronic filing of insurance claims, patient billing, accounting, and practice management for most major Physicians' Medical Specialties as well as RNFA/CNOR, CST/CFA and chiropractic practices.

Your financial strength is directly related to timely and accurate patient billing and insurance reimbursement. We provide comprehensive billing and accounts receivable services designed to optimally generate cash from your medical services. Our approach also focuses on providing you with superior management information. In this way, we are able to maximize both your present and future economic success.

We relieve our clients in the medical practice and medical-related fields of the tedious, technical billing and follow-up functions; therefore you will be able to concentrate more on the art of medicine. We are very much aware that insurance companies would like to hold onto your money and set up road blocks to delay payments or keep it.  Let us make sure you collect your money. 

Certified Coders on staff to insure Coding

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